VTE has designed, built, and now operates the most reliable single point Cleanroom service company in the Silicon Valley. After starting the company in 1987, VTE continues to be at the forefront of Cleanroom and isolation innovation. Located in Santa Clara, CA, VTE has the largest number of customers in the industry and is the most knowledgeable cleanroom company in the business today.

Forging the next advancement in cleanroom design, VTE offers value to a much broader market by offering a comprehensive range of cleanrooms, components, and isolation systems. We bring extreme design flexability to end users, businesses and government facilities. By maintaining strong, long-standing partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, VTE’s customers are assured of high quality product and on-time delivery.

We strive to be the best source for Cleanroom and Isolation products. We look forward to hearing from you and supplying your business with the flexibility to expand into the semiconductor, disc drive, pharmaceutical, medical, government, and data center markets.

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