The TECHNICAL AIR PRODUCTS Model 421-SP provides the best value for a versatile, self-powered HEPA filter module. This model meets the industry’s most rigid standard for airflow uniformity, sound and vibration. The 421-SP may be used individually or in combination to provide conditions from Class M6.5 (100,000) to Class 3.5 (100) or better per Federal Standard 209E. The modular design allows units to be easily added or relocated to meet the changing needs of your facility. Contact our technical sales representative for further details. VTE is a representative for the Filtra product line of filters in Northern California.

Filtra’s new product - the SlimLine 41-DCM utilizes the industry’s original "mini-pleat" manufacturing process for HEPA/ULPA ducted ceiling modules. Designed and developed to provide the cleanest air for products, personnel and processes, the SlimLine is used in unidirectional and non-unidirectional airflow cleanrooms, laminar flow devices and HVAC systems throughout the world. Constructed of our latest generation 41 mm (1.61") mini-pleat filter elements, the SlimLine meets or exceeds all industry standards. For more technical information on this and other filters products, contact our office.

  • 41mm media pack provides the most cost effective solution for all critical applications
  • Lowest profile to fit tightest spots
  • Light-weight/compact design; easier for maintenance staff to handle, install and replace.
  • 99.99% & 99.9995% eff. to meet Class 10 (M2.5) - Class 100,000 (M6.5) requirements
  • Designed to fit 1-1/2 "Y2" T-bar grid systems.
  • Each filter is tested using Filtra's "AutoScan"™ Automated Detection System to assure leak free performance
  • Simple disposal

HEPAir is the perfect solution for modular cleanrooms, upgrades, problematic areas, additions, mini-environments and process isolators.  HEPAir is modular and can be quickly installed or relocated.  It is the next logical step in the evolution of cleanroom technology.

  HEPAir - A fully integrated modular environmental system. For the first time, cleanroom air conditioning and HEPA fan/filter technology are combined into one unit. HEPAir controls:
  •     Cleanliness
  •     Temperature
  •     Humidity
  •     Pressure
and fits onto a standard fan/filter module!

Camfil Farr is the world leader in air filtration and clean air solutions, with 22 production plants and R&D centers in the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. In North America our facilities are in Riverdale NJ, Washington NC, Conover NC, Crystal Lake IL, Corcoran CA, Toronto and Laval Canada.

The company’s business concept is to provide customers with best-in-class products and services within four main segments:
  • Comfort Air
  • Clean Processes
  • Power Systems
  • Safety and Protection
With more than 40 years of experience, Camfil Farr delivers value to customers all over the world while delivering something essential to everyone